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Shelley Grover is the best HOA manager our HOA has ever had. I was the CC&R chair for several years before I moved recently, and I worked closely with Shelley and her team at HOA Solutions. I even requested that I be allowed to go on the monthly inspections to help me understand the neighborhoods and see for myself. Shelley had no problem with that request! She came to be my most valuable contact, especially with the amount of new information a CC&R chair has to learn. There were many nights of frantic emails when I was confused, days of phone calls, special votes we needed and she organized, and mountains of paperwork with the new builds- we were, and still are, one of the fastest growing HOAs in Utah, and Shelley has been there for us time and time again.

The entire board was extremely grateful for her and her company; she has so much knowledge and a professional, can-do attitude. The residents were also grateful to have a real manager, instead of a volunteer- the difference is night and day.

Shelley believes, and puts into practice, that HOAs can be smoothly run and efficient while still being kind to residents and board members, and staying out of lawsuits. She has created the best systems and forms, and HOA Solutions has what no other management company has. Our lawyer asked the board to interview other management companies one year, to be fair and allow for competition. We did not want to check others, but we researched and invited owners and managers to our meetings. The services and professionalism were so far below what HOA Solutions and Shelley Grover offer, the difference was almost laughable. We already knew what a gem we had, but quickly discovered the enormous amount of work Shelley does without being asked and how reachable she is. The board came to the conclusion that we were very blessed, and if Shelley ever left Utah, we would be hard-pressed to find anyone else that could fill her shoes.

I cannot recommend Shelley Grover enough. If you have the chance to hire her to serve your HOA, please jump at it, and don’t let her go. HOA Solutions will be the best management company you have ever had.


Sara N. Frye