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Do you want the best and most efficient resources and tools for your community?

Raising The Bar

Our commitment to excellence and personalized approach to community management sets us apart.

World Class Full Service Management

Our full service management offers peace of mind–the board is always in control. You make the choices and we can tailor services to your unique needs as your community changes.

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Are you ready to talk to someone who will really listen to your needs and  work with you to create a customized community management plan? Contact us for a free quote.


We specialize in offering customized community management solutions as unique as you are. Every community is different, and we are here to offer an individual solution to your management needs.

  • You choose your services
  • You can change your mind
  • You remain in control

We take a different approach to managing your community by offering you the services you want–not the services we think you need. We work with you to tailor our services so that the community is managed the way you want it to be. We offer you the flexibility to adjust services as your community grows and changes.

We offer a broad range of products and tools that will fit your individual needs. Whether you need world class full service management or financial services only, we are here to offer the best services and management available for your community without any “hidden fees.”

We are committed to quality and integrity and this is what has made us an industry leader. Contact us today to receive a free quote.


Shelley believes, and puts into practice, that HOAs can be smoothly run and efficient while still being kind to residents and board members….She has created the best systems and forms, and HOA Solutions has what no other management company has.

Our lawyer asked the board to interview other management companies one year to be fair and allow for competition. We didn’t want to, but we researched and invited owners and managers to our meetings.

The services and professionalism were so far below what HOA Solutions and Shelley Grover offer, the difference was almost laughable. We already knew what a gem we had, but quickly discovered the enormous amount of work Shelley does without being asked and how reachable she is. The board came to the conclusion that…if Shelley ever left Utah, we would be hard-pressed to find anyone else that could fill her shoes.

I cannot recommend Shelley Grover enough. If you have the chance to hire her to serve your HOA, please jump at it, and don’t let her go. HOA Solutions will be the best management company you have ever had.

Sara F.

CC & R Chair, The Villages HOA