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To Who It Concerns:

I have worked with Shelley Grover and HOA Solutions since 2010. My interactions and
experiences with HOA Solutions have always had positive and professional dispositions.
In our current HOA situation Shelley and HOA Solutions maintains a difficult position where
our board is still largely developer controlled and has in the past been reluctant to move on items
of importance to the community. HOA Solutions has always listened to the needs/desires of the
community, made appropriate recommendations to the community advisory committee and even
pressed the board for action on these items.

Further more as our community gets closer to being 100% build out HOA Solutions and
specifically Shelley have been instrumental in assisting the community with the transition of
board positions and also made recommendations on ways we could keep costs low in some cases
even eliminating services currently provided by HOA Solutions.

Over the past several years HOA Solutions has only ever acted in a professional and courteous
manner and always in the best interest of our community.