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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is intended to serve as a reference and recommendation for Shelley Grover and her team, HOA Solutions, relative to their potential selection as the HOA Manager for your community.

Prior to HOA Solutions, our community was mismanaged and neglected by others who attempted to manage without experience or knowledge of this industry. Within months following Shelley’s employment, our HOA began to see positive changes. Our financial situation and communication with homeowners improved significantly, the standards for the neighborhood were brought back to the appropriate level, and our HOA once again became a highly desirable place to live.

Shelley has a vast working knowledge of the HOA industry. She stays current on all HOA-related developments, and knows how to find answers and solutions. She is reliable, consistent, confident, and resourceful. Shelley always maintains a high level of professionalism, even when dealing with conflict. She is sensitive to the HOA’s desires, yet with her knowledge and experience, she also helps educate the board about HOA and State laws that proves to be an invaluable source of information to any community.

It is an honor to know Shelley and to have the opportunity to advocate on her behalf. She will most assuredly be an asset to any HOA she works with.