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Title Companies/Lenders/Realtors

All requests must be processed online. Click on the button below to being the ordering process:

Order HOA Cert/Lender Questionnaire Order Buyer/Seller InfoOrder Refinance Statement


Need Insurance:  email [email protected]

The insurance is in the name of Valentine Estates OA. Note: Townhome buyers will also need to purchase an HO6 policy. See the Insurance folder  (in HOA Documents below) for more information.


Each homeowner has free access to their HOA Documents on their TownSQ app. A link to the app is available below by clicking on TownSQ. The homeowner would need to register, if they haven’t already done so, to access the documents, that include the most recent financials, minutes, reserve study, governing documents, rules and policies, etc. If a homeowner doesn’t remember their account number (needed to register), email [email protected]

If a homeowner will not provide these documents to their realtor/lender/title company or buyer, documents can then be ordered online by clicking on the Homewise link below.

TownSQ Homewise


Valentine Estates is responsible for its private roads as listed below, the pool area, the park areas and other common areas. Be sure to review the maintenance responsibility checklist, located within the Governing Documents folder. Also review the budget for a line item by line item explanation of what the budget covers.

Streets that are in Valentine Estates:

Some of these streets are the same in more than one area. Refer to the Maps folder for the outline of which areas are Cottage vs. Townhome vs. Estates.


Cottage Homes: 1950 W, 1980 W, 2010 W, 2040 W (on south side of roundabout), 2060 W, 2090 W, 2280 S, 2285 S, 2315 S  (these are all private roads maintained by the HOA)

Townhomes: 1875 W, 1900 W, 1925 W, 2280 S, 2295 S, 2300 S  (these are all private shared driveways maintained by the HOA)

Estates: 2040 W (on north side of roundabout), 2125 S, 2185 S, 2205 W, 2260 S and Mountain View Blvd  (these are all public roads maintained by the City)